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5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools for 2018

Backlinks are considered as one of the most important factors in SEO by many marketing veterans. Since the beginning of Search Engine Optimization industry, it is the only aspect which has maintained its high value in the ranking algorithm.

According to SEO experts, finding one good source to get a backlink is very difficult nowadays. Because the Google algorithm has become so intelligent that it can immediately trace any unnatural linking activity and penalize sites automatically.

So many professionals conduct a competitor backlink analysis to check their competitor’s website backlinks and find the backlink resource for own website to outnumber their competition. But finding a good new resource or performing a detailed fruitful competitor analysis with a free backlink checking tool is nearly impossible, but if they used collectively then you might get the best outcome.


Unfortunately, no backlink checker tool out there is accurate enough.


Because all the tools follow a different set of algorithm made by its developer. But I would also suggest that collectively used data can be close to the accuracy.


Here are The Best 5 Free Backlink Checker Tools


1. Rank Signal

Reliability: Medium


Rank Signal


Rank Signal is the only tool which gives you all the detail backlink report for free with additional metrics like the PageRank of backlink resource, link type, anchor text and the date etc. You will only need to SignUp with RankSignal to see all the details. But you may also have some restrictions over the number of reports you generate with the free account.


2. Open Site Explorer [ Moz ]

Reliability: High


moz open site explorer


Moz is known for their authoritative tools for a quite long time. Moz provides an extensive range of SEO tools which can help you improve in all areas of online marketing.

Open Site Explorer as known as OSE provides detail information of backlinks but limited to link source and date with the free version. A free account also comes with three backlinks report limit per day for each device IP.


3. Open Link Profiler

Reliability: Medium


open link profiler tool


Open Link Profiler is one more useful tool with lots of details in it and the best part is it’s absolutely FREE. Here you get the source value, link text, link type, date and much more. You can even sort the data easily with different filters. Although, the only bad part about Open Link Profiler is, the data is not complete. We tried testing different domains, but every time we end up with less number of link count from this tool.


4. Backlink Watch

Reliability: Medium


Backlink Watch Tool


Backlink Watch has been a good free resource for checking backlinks since a long time. It provides detail information of backlinks along with anchor text, page and source. Though it is still using the old interface with the existing algorithm, which sometimes considers the removed or updated links as well.


5. Linkody

Reliability: Medium


Linkody Backlink Tool


Linkody is altogether a good tool, while testing different domains we found that Linkody has come up with most possible outcome every time. Also, the details are provided with backlink data are very useful like text, source, link type etc. The only drawback with Linkody is the free report provides you with 100 links check only which also comes with 5 domain reports limit per week.

We have also compared the best-paid backlink checker tools, which can help you with a comprehensive backlink analysis for your or competitor’s website.

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