Best Social Media for Business

Best Social Media Network to Boost Your Business Growth

Social media marketing has been the hot topic for many years after the discovery of platform for business. Human being social in nature, has great liking towards social media and is present on various media platforms as per choice. Marketers can grab the opportunity to reach the right audience and achieve marketing goals.

Exploring the potential social network sites have, apart from the prime function of keeping people connected, they are widely used for business for brand awareness, information, idea generation and product promotions by large and small entities alike.

Promoting through social media means making an army or 3rd party marketers who will promote your brand and products. Frequency, immediacy, reaching to a larger set of audience and permanent digital footprint are the prime benefits of social media promotion. Social channels have become an integral part of today’s branding and
marketing strategy.

It was estimated that social media marketing budget would be 17.5%of total marketing spending. However, over past seven years from 2009, marketers have tripled their social media spending to reach a high of 11.7%.
About 55% choose Facebook as their vital social media platform. The followers to Facebook being LinkedIn (18%), Twitter (12%) and YouTube (4%).

Let’s go through the most prominent Social Media Platforms and understand how they can be strategised for your marketing:

Business Promotion on Facebook

Facebook gives organic visibility. It is the best platform for social networking or connecting your brands to people. All the formats on content viz. images, audio, videos, links, text can be shared on this giant platform. Facebook has more than 50 million business pages and a massive 1.65 billion active monthly users. User generated content like testimonials, comments, reviews can boost the performance of a business page. The posting frequency to be maintained on Facebook should be 1 post each day, with more impact observed when post goes live during the speculated ‘peak hours.’

Use Twitter for Business Advantage

Twitter is widely used micro-blogging site, with 140 characters to express about your brand. This, also, accepts almost all form of content formats.Twitter has about 313 million active monthly users. The hashtag (#) functionality enables to reach a set of audience having similar interests or wanting to explore a similar set of topic. The short-lived life of a single tweet (about 8 minutes), recommends marketers to follow a pattern of 2-3 tweets per day.Twitter is best social media platform for mobile marketing as studies claim 83% users access it from a mobile device.

LinkedIn is Best Platform for Business Generation

LinkedIn is the favourite platform for marketing seeking enterprise customers. LinkedIn does the prime role of networking for professional and business benefits. The business pages on this range to about 3 million and member database to 400 million, with more adding up each day. On LinkedIn , one can be cautious of SEO keyword
targeting to reach the right audience. The frequency of post on this professional social media platform is one per day. The companies seek clients, skillful individuals and network to expand their space in the professional world.

Video Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is a video media sharing website. ‘Video Blogging’ has seen a substantial increase in 2016. This marketing is increasing at a substantial rate of 40% y/y since¬†March 2014. Posting of 2-3 videos on a monthly basis keeps your account alive and grabs eye-balls of users towards your channel. YouTube is accessed by one third of
population of the Internet world.

G+ is social media from Google

G+ is a social media platform from search engine giant – Google. Though it launched to compete with Facebook, it remained to be an alternative to social media behemoth. Being an associated closely with Google, SEOs take the advantage of, this less competitive dais, for SEO. The content gets crawled faster and gets increased visibility opportunities in SERP. Google Plus has more than 300 active users.

Instagram is Gaining Importance for Business

Instagram is, basically, image media sharing social medium. The visually appealing content makes it space on this social media platform. Due to the type of content , Instagram issued to increase the buzz about the brand. Industry leaders have no opinions as to how much posts etc. are ideal during span of day or week. Instagram has a demographics of 20-35 aged users, giving a major share to female members (about 80 %). This media site has noticeably defined categories for the micro audience reach.

How important is social media for your marketing? What is your social media marketing strategy?

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