Who Should Implement the AMP Pages after Mobile-first Update?

AMP pages disadvantages

This begins with the launching of  Google’s AMP project, it has always been a big confusion for SEO industry. Which has recently got more hype after Google launched the Mobile-First Indexing update. So far the traditional SEO practitioners have taken AMP as new practice to follow and started implementing without giving enough thought. Most of […]

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5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools for 2018

best free backlink checker tools

Backlinks are considered as one of the most important factors in SEO by many marketing veterans. Since the beginning of Search Engine Optimization industry, it is the only aspect which has maintained its high value in the ranking algorithm. According to SEO experts, finding one good source to get a backlink is very difficult nowadays. […]

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Why Video Marketing is Most Effective Marketing Method?

video marketing tips

With the digital evolution, of face of online space has changed considerably, for over a decade. The main platform for going digital was desktop which was then taken over by laptops to surf the web and interact with online content. Now in the mobile age, people are more inclined towards tablets and mobile to consume digital […]

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Understanding the User Psychology on SERP for Refined SEO efforts!

user psychology on SERP

The study of user psychology combined with refined SEO efforts can prove to be a long term benefit with sustainable results for a long period of time. In the current era, SEO is more inclined towards the user-centric approach. It, therefore, becomes essential to study and understand user behavior when he/she is in front of […]

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What are Some Old SEO Techniques that Can Harm Your SEO in 2017?

old harmful seo 2017

You might have heard the phrase that says ‘ Nature never stops evolving’. It clearly means that the world around us is changing every moment. New things come into existence and old ones disappear. In the process of evolution, many efforts are taken to change itself and match with the evolving world and those who […]

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User Centric Approach: The Future of Digital Marketing

avid avenue blog

Since the beginning of the internet era, we have been working on promotions by various methods. Most of the methods we use today for digital marketing are inspired from the traditional marketing approach. We try to push our promotional content to our target audience as many times as possible to encourage them to buy, which […]

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