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Important Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

There was a time when email was the prime source for electronic communication. But as the technology has developed and enriched, it drastically changed the way we communicate online. In the past several years, we discovered many platforms for online communication like social media, messengers, and other applications. Although email remained the most popular mode among all of the above and it’s most preferred for formal/official communication.


Email Marketing Statistics


According to the stats of Constant Contact, more than 200 million emails are sent globally every day. Which indicates that email is still the most active communication platform and can be used to communicate to your prospects directly.

An Email Statistics report by Radicati says that the global number of email users is growing rapidly and will reach to 3 billion by 2020. Which means, the email marketing will have a bigger audience base in near future. This will help marketers to enhance their market reach and find more prospects globally.


Effectiveness of Emails



In the recent time, people started preferring mobile devices to check their emails and communicate. So as a result of this, marketers are getting more than 80% of active email users on mobile devices and more than 60% of these active users really like to receive exclusive offers in their inbox.


Despite all the facts and figures, email marketing is not considered as the most effective marketing method nowadays.


So you might ask, why email marketing is not as effective as other methods?


A simple answer to this question is, we aren’t doing it correctly.


Email marketing is ignored by marketers and considered to be the outdated method. Because many people tried it without understanding the difference between other platforms and email.

So, we have come up with this easy success guide to help you understand the potential of email marketing and boost your ROI on email marketing by applying some really important tips.


Step by Step Guide to optimize your email marketing campaign


Lawful Subscribers

In the year 2003, United States became the first nation to enforce such law which gives the right to users to opt out of promotional emails and protects the user from email spamming. Further to that, you need to have a few things in place before sending out a newsletter, like your valid postal address, email addresses and opt out button. Which would rather create a legitimate image of your brand amongst your followers.


Mobile Optimized Newsletter

What if the majority of your email receivers is going to open your email on their mobile devices? The email analytics reports collected by Litmus last year, says that around 60% of users are opening your emails on their mobile devices.

If you still don’t consider optimizing your newsletters for mobile view, you might be losing those majority prospects. Further to that, it is hampering your brand image too.


Welcome Email is a Good Start

The easiest thing that you can start right away is to start sending a welcome email to all your new subscribers immediately after signing up. Which not only establishes a good relationship with your subscribers, but it also helps to brand recall.


Personalize Email

In order to initiate the communication with your prospect, you need to have personalized email. This can help you to connect with your recipients personally and start a dialogue. So try to use the sender’s name instead of the company name as a sender and address the email with recipient’s name. We have observed a great change in email engagement after implementing this simple tip.


Add Smart Subject Line with Preview Text

Sending an email with too long subject line does not create an interest. But a short and smart subject line not only creates the interest but also encourages the user to click and open the email. A smart subject line containing short but effective & actionable word can actually explain the topic easily and create interest.

Usually, a text can be added to the description along with the subject line with an email. It gives brief about the inner content and helps to increase the open rate. A perfectly designed Subject and Preview text lines help to increase your average open rate from 21% to 24%.


Short & Clear Email

Please keep some aspects in mind while preparing your newsletter or email copy. All your recipients do not have enough time to read your lengthy emails. So keep your email short and clear, it will help you to convey your message more effectively. Highlighting important points can simply grab readers attention drive and an engagement. So the better you write, the better you perform.


Position The CTA (Call to Action)

Call to action button becomes the most important factor of email when you are running direct conversion campaigns. Because your CTA’s are the only way to drive direct conversion for your campaign. So it’s a best practice to place the clear highlighted CTA within the first fold with a brief description. Also placing it in small intervals can help engage the user. Make sure that CTA is captivating and does not look spammy.


Also, do not forget to add an alt text to your buttons. Because many email clients prevent loading of images and external HTML elements, so having an alt text to buttons can at least show the alt text to the user and help him to find the CTA.


Enable Sharing Options

Provide the appropriate social sharing buttons in your email. So that user can share the favorite email content over other platforms. In most cases, marketers ignore the importance of social buttons as they think that these are not CTA’s. But tracking these button can help you understand what sort of content is actually liked by your recipients.


Prepare HTML Version

When you have a list of thousands of recipients it’s really hard to optimize newsletters for all sort of email clients. Because no email client works like another one, so there is a high possibility that some email client may not be able to load your content properly. It’s best to have your plain HTML format ready for such recipients.


Test and Debug Email

The last but not the least step of the process. You should always test your email in different email client before sending it out and check all the below elements.


  • Check for the email file size, it should be as small as possible.
  • Check the images loading properly.
  • Make sure that CTA’s are looking good and functioning well.
  • Click your hyperlinks
  • See if all your tracking URLs are working fine
  • Check if your template is well on all devices. (always prefer responsive templates)


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