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User Centric Approach: The Future of Digital Marketing

Since the beginning of the internet era, we have been working on promotions by various methods. Most of the methods we use today for digital marketing are inspired from the traditional marketing approach. We try to push our promotional content to our target audience as many times as possible to encourage them to buy, which is one of the prime methods that we have learned from traditional marketing. But have we ever wondered whether this is the right approach for advanced marketing world like the internet? Or do we actually need an advanced method of marketing for the twenty-first century’s marketing industry? We are blindly applying the methodology of last century’s marketing to digital marketing platforms. Let’s discuss this and find the advanced approach of marketing for this century’s marketing platform.

What is Wrong with Digital Marketing Today?

Today, we are using the most advanced marketing platform in such a way as if it is the most ancient way of advertising and marketing or sometimes it feels like it is the part of traditional marketing. But, in fact, digital marketing has enormous potential to drive massive success for each of your marketing campaigns.

Nowadays we create ad copies based on the proposed products or services without considering its value for the prospect. Many times we promote our content and ad copies with the wrong context and sometimes at the wrong place and at wrong time also. We as marketing experts should study users’ interest and their needs very thoroughly before writing any ad copy or even thinking about creating one.

Every penny spent and every effort put on such campaigns without studying user’s behavior leads to disliked ads and hated campaigns among users with poor outcome. Your heavily triggered ad campaign might convert some users to customers but they would not stick to you for very long. Instead, the delighted leads will not only pour more money into your business, but it’ll also create a large loyal customer base.

Why is Digital Marketing Different than Other Mediums?

Digital Marketing is way much different than any other marketing medium or platform because it is based on the internet, unlike other mediums which can interact with users in a different context wherein users see the promotion when they are not busy or not doing something very important.

Example, a print media ad can interact with the user through newspaper, magazine or pamphlets. A user usually reads such type of content in his free time or in his leisure time which helps the advertiser to gain the user’s attention easily compelling the user to think about the promotional content. Psychologically, your promotional content acquires that free space in users mind and makes him think about the ad. This encourages him to take a decision on it as you have raised the thought in his mind at the positive time which increases your chances of converting him into a customer.

Now you might have already guessed why it is exactly opposite with digital marketing? People use the internet for various purposes, so not all of your audience is free. Most of your target audience is busy with something very important or not in the very positive mindset. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to determine the right audience for your content and also choose the right time and context to promote the ad.

what is user centric marketing

What is User-Centric Marketing?

A marketing plan or a strategy is prepared considering user at the core as well as the content so designed is around users’ interest and needs. This not only grabs users’ attention but also provides the right solution to the right user which is precisely a user-centric marketing approach.

Putting the user at the core of your marketing plan without considering him as your customer, but just a user is a bit difficult for many of us. Because, we have been practicing the irrelevant method of marketing from quite a long time, which provokes you to start considering your audience as your customer and provide them with product details directly instead of helping them to understand your product or service. Educating your target audience helps you in increasing your brand awareness and also helps you to gain authority in your industry. Moreover, it really does not matter what type of digital marketing you prefer, whether it is search engine optimization or a PPC campaign.

When you adopt the approach of helping users rather than just triggering ads, your users will definitely start liking your blogs and ad copies. The more helpful your solutions are the more brand loyalty among your audience.

The user-centric approach towards digital marketing is the need of today’s technology which can start giving you benefits as early you adopt it.